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 Hot under the collar
  What a whirl wind of a summer from searing temperatures, flash floods, high winds and ‘wild fires’ it’s no wonder UK residents have been feeling ‘hot under the collar’ at work, home and in their leisure pursuits
 Let's Stay Connected!
  On sunny days during my childhood ‘fishing’ on the riverbank was a relaxing and enjoyable pastime, but time and tide wait for no one, its meaning now has more sinister connotations.
 Or Legacy ...
  Changing attitudes, gathering momentum and support for campaigns is a challenge for business and communities alike. With an advocate like Sir David Attenborough, Blue Planet 2 has really opened up the debate on Plastics!
 The Nation's Favourite ...
  Our aquatic environment is delicately balanced. To help maintain its diversity many worthy conservation campaigns are championed. One notable success is heartening, Cod, once the Nation’s favourite choice at our ‘Fish & Chip’ shops, has recovered from near total collapse. To achieve this change in fortune tough action was implemented which involved the decommissioning of fishing boats, the ban on catches in nursery areas and putting larger holes in nets to allow young cod to escape. These changes have seen the stock rise fourfold since 2006, leading to the North Sea Cod stocks being labelled as ‘sustainable’ by the Marine Stewardship Council for the first time in 20 years.
 Don’t learn safety by accident
  UK farmers are among the best in the world, they play a vital role in maintaining our countryside, providing the main form of employment outside of urban centres and food for our population. Around 430, 000 people work in agriculture, less than 1.5% of the working population, yet agriculture has one of the highest fatality rates of all industries and is responsible for between 15% and 20% of all deaths to workers in Britain each year, according to recent Heath and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics.
 I heard it on the Grape-Vine?
  Being hard of hearing is often the ‘butt of jokes’ and comedy sketches. Some 20 years since the introduction of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Work Regulations 1992, changes to the classification of PPE will recognise ‘hearing loss’ as ‘severely damaging to a person’s quality of life’.
 Out of the Woods!
  In recent times the chill winds off the Continent have driven down temperatures and unlike the severe UK winters of 1947 and 1963, often spoken of by our weather watchers, we escaped with only a dusting of snow.
 Bake Off Burn-anzer
  Nero fiddled whilst Rome burnt and King Alfred, who burnt his cakes, may not be the most welcomed participant at a ‘Bake off’.
 A Breath of Fresh Air
  Taking a stroll on a barmy summers evening is good for the mind and soul. Breathing in the fresh air, although quite natural, is an amazing process vital to our very existence & wellbeing.
We're on Countdown
  The countdown to blast off from Earth was probably one of the most memorable moments in Tim Peake’s career as a UK Astronaut. His six month mission to the International Space Station has captured the nation’s heart, engaging and communicating with our next‘budding’ generation of space explorers.
Taking a Plunge!
  Water plays a significant part in our everyday lives. As temperatures rise the waterways, reservoirs, lakes and our coastline provide a cooling environment that is much needed to escape, relax and connect with nature. Staying safe is key to our overall enjoyment and pleasure of these retreats.
Respect - 'A Yellow Peril'
  For centuries, flowers, herbs and various plants have given much pleasure to people of all nations, being used in perfumes, medicines and foods. Wordsworth wrote of ‘a host of golden daffodils’ and for many of us we rejoice in seeing their blooms as it hails the Spring and warmer weather. A national newspaper recently reported daffodils to be ‘a yellow peril’! Find out why and what this means for the workplace.
No time to lose!
  This major campaign launched by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is aimed at raising awareness about occupational cancer.
Surprise, surprise!
  It’s 25 years since the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations came into force. These regulations gave greater emphasis to hazardous substances, and was seen as the biggest sea change since the Health and Safety @ Work etc. Act 1974.
Can't Stand the Heat!
  Sunshine brings a smile to our faces and we often look to sunnier shores to take our holidays. Back in the workplace, it’s a different kettle of fish!
Celebrating 40 Years!
  ‘This year marks 40 years since the Health and Safety at Work Act received Royal Assent. Arguably one of the best pieces of legislation on the statute books...’ commented Judith Hackitt - Health and Safety Executive Chair.
Keeping on the Move!
  Across the UK various Agencies look after motorways, major trunk roads and our network of roads to ensure people and freight can move freely.
Celebrations Fuel Catastrophe!
  As we approach the traditional bonfire celebrations many enjoy the excitement of fireworks with all their fiery sprays, sparkling colours and noisy bangs yet there is a more tranquil, insidious development that occupies the quieter months - the ubiquitous 'Chinese Lanterns'.
Piper 25 Champions
  It's 25 years since that terrible incident on Piper Alpha, but the basic hazards those guys face today are still the same.
Waste not...want not
  2013 is the 10th Anniversary of ‘Recycle Week’ which aims to raise awareness and change habits.
Slips and Trips - No Laughing Matter!
  Slipping on a banana skin, is part of the staple diet of slapstick comedy. Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and others have had audiences in uproars of laugher over the comical consequences of well timed slips and trips.



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